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Roxx's Session Chatter

ZZ Ward

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"Til The Casket Drops," is a great album if you're looking for some worthy new music. When we first had ZZ Ward's band in, they brought their own chairs to sit on, and wanted to bring their own mics and stands. We already had equipment set up, I was really hoping to hear the amazing bass player I'd seen the night before, but they scaled it down from what we'd expected. It still sounded great. After sound check, their sound guy was naughty and tried to bust into the room just as the session started and after being asked not to. It caused me to miss the first few seconds of recording. ZZ and Erick were very kind and hospitable, staying afterward to record a few station liners for us.

ZZ Ward was born with the name Zsuzsanna Ward. She’s from Roseburg, Oregon. She is young and multi-talented. At the Neurolux, she belted out songs to a packed house. ZZ also played guitar, and some amazing bluesy harp! She's got some fun things on her website, and is really loving the VINE app.

New York Times said about her,  "Her energy evokes Tina Turner's, her chops Aretha Franklin's, and her sould Etta James's." 

When Tim told her of this, ZZ said, "They said THAT?!"

ZZ has some really fun merch, including a harmonica, and fedora hats that she personally customizes!

When speaking of songwriting, ZZ said her parents told her, "It doesn't take an instrument to write a song." She writes without one, even though she plays several different things.


Her group just finished playing the main stage at Sasquatch, and luckily had a stop in Boise.

Guitarist Erick Wall is an Emmy-nominated songwriter and musician and has worked with these artists, either live or in the studio: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Michael McDonald, The Isley Brothers, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Macy Gray, George Duke, and many others. He is a very established studio musician. During sound check, he noodled some amazing licks, jazz chords, and a beautiful instrumental version of "Yesterday," by The Beatles.

We hope ZZ, her band, and her dog, "Muddy Waters," will return to Boise soon!


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