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Roxx's Session Chatter

Backstage with Keane

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Yesterday was a day of ghosts in the machines. Tim’s phone didn’t wake him up. During the Youngblood Hawke backstage session, our engineer’s backup laptop audio program refused to work. In the middle of a great song by this band, I hear in my headphones…let me see if I could spell it…”GZZZZZZHHHHHDDDDDT.” The bass guitar input makes a horrid noise that only I can hear, wiping out the entire song quality. I ask the band if they’d mind repeating that song because it is so good, they kindly obliged.

Moving on to the Keane session, I’m adjusting the video camera on the band after they’ve done 2 amazing songs, and for no reason at all…the power goes off . 4 drumstick clicks and I’m scrambling to turn it back on to record. It did get this one song, but so far even recovery programs have not given me luck in retrieving the other lost files. I had audio from the main sound board feeding into my digital audio recorder. As it turned off, I noticed the project did not save. At this point I’m sure all color washed from my face. I can’t check it until I get home. I ask the sound man, “Did you also get a recording of this?” He smiles and says, “I’m sorry, no.”

People are arriving, saying hi, all of them asking how it went and I don’t yet know if there’s anything to show for the last several hours at the venue. I ran home to find out, so relieved that the audio files saved even though the project did not. What a weird day for technology, for 3 of us.

This backstage experience was really fun. We watched the crew set up, test all the lighting and sound. A stage manager yelled, “It’s 4:20 everyone, take a break!” I didn’t see anyone scurrying away, but come to think of it…we missing one of our techs for a while. Hmmm.

I have to say, this is one of the best sounding shows I’ve ever been witness to at the Knitting Factory. The board of Keane’s was State of the Art. The engineer had a separate touch screen where he was changing EQ filters with a stylus. I wanted to play with it so bad, and couldn’t stop watching. Rocky said, “You want one of those, don’t you?” Of course I said yes.” I told Tim how I just want to look over their shoulder someday and see how they do it on the tour boards. He says when we know someone a little better he’ll try to make that happen, and I can’t wait!

Keane’s vocals are pretty magical. We loved letting our winners in for the sound check party. It was very cool to broadcast the event live on our station, and we hope to do many more.

Here’s the video we did for Youngblood Hawke. This is just for you, no listeners were even present for this one! The band is incredibly nice and high energy at the show. At one point, 4 people were doing a kind of tribal drumming, and the crowd loved it!

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