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Roxx's Session Chatter

Kate Earl

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The song above is a collaboration with Brett Dennan. Kate Earl’s music life is what young rock stars dream of. While pumping gas at a station owned by her parents, she had dreams far outside of Anchorage, Alaska. She moved to L.A. and started working on her dream.

During soundcheck, she sampled a pretty amazing cover of Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do.” It was impressive, and we hope she does cover it someday!

“Things didn’t work out with the father of my child.” Kate Earl’s son had changed her life, and her songwriting. At first, she had to sell her instruments to stay home with her son. She includes her child in her business life, as she was also raised in a family business and slept under the counters of her parents’ business when she was young. She says her boy napped while she was recording her latest album.

When Tim mentioned the Moxie Java “Idaho-Ho-Ho” CD, Kate’s band started cracking up and facing away from the microphones to gather themselves. They were very fun, and Kate kept saying how good the pizza looked from Chicago Connection. It was an interesting lasagna pizza, they came uncut and sans pizza cutter. Engineer Rocky always saves us. We ran past each other in the hallway, he was wielding a Psycho-sized knife and we tried not to collide. I teased and yelled, “Watch out, man with a knife!”

Kate Earl’s new release is called “Sooner.” It was recorded in the legendary Village Recording Studio in L.A. This is a historical building built by the Freemasons in the 1920’s, I’d love to see this place! Artist like Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Johnny Cash, Elton John, The Eagles, Alanis…dozens of extremely successful bands have recorded there. She said she loved the thought of sharing the same rooms where the Beatles recorded, and hung out with “that guy they meditated with.” (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).

2013 should be a big year for Kate Earl. She has some TV song placement, and may again join Maroon 5 on their next tour. She had no show in Boise, but we were so lucky she and her band stopped in for a visit.

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