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Brandi Carlile LIVE at The Record Exchange

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We are thankful to our friends at The Record Exchange for hosting this in-store performance from Brandi Carlile. None of these things happen without a great team of helpers. Ryan Canning always helps me with videos when I can’t be 2 places at once, or am not tall enough to see through the camera we precariously positioned on the cd bins behind us. I usually avoid too much contact with over-achievers, it makes me feel lazy…but Ryan is pretty amazing. He is the mastermind of Barber to Boise, and The Main Street Mile, and has been skydiving a ka-billion times…but his new exciting adventure is Zombie Tag May 4th of next year!

Info is here!

Her's a song Brandi dedicates to The River!


New things are happening at the station, it’s a busy place but Tim broke away to introduce and watch the band. Some blatant illegal parking may have happened outside, but we somehow avoided tickets, even though the car in front of me had 2 in the amount of time we were there. Unless…Tim grabbed a parking ticket to pay it, and he would do that sort of thing. If there’s anything you have ever liked about The River, Tim Johnstone is most likely one of the reasons why. He is an amazing behind-the-scenes ninja, making miracles happen and never taking or getting much credit for it. Just know this, and give him some extra love at our Concert For Cause, because he deserves it. Concert For Cause. Knitting Factory. December 15th. Blind Pilot!!! Get 'em.

The strings on this song are beautiful!

Before the in-store, our very tall friend Steve Taylor jokes about standing in front of my camera. Steve for many years, has been the generous winning bidder at our Concert For Cause live in-studio CD. He is afraid that I would break his knees, but I ask him how good it will look if he’s in a cast at Concert For Cause, and I’m the one who put him there? Besides, how can you ride a Segway with a broken knee? I've seen the photos and I'm a little jealous, I'm not gonna lie.

The store is filled with friends and happy people who are not at work. Brandi’s energy is absorbed by the crowd.

Something magical happens with this next song. The Twins leave for a bit, but Brandi also seems to GO somewhere. How is her voice doing those things? Her eyes are closed and she goes deep. I see people sharing expressions of amazement.

Thanks to Brandi for making this great performance happen, and thanks to all other behind-the-scenes people like guitar techs, management, Sony, Independent Record Stores, and especially River listeners. The thing we seem to share in common is passion, we know this about Brandi…and she seems to know this about us. We hope see us again, and there’s no such thing as too soon.

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