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Roxx's Session Chatter

Ben Taylor, 2012

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He’s the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon.  Ben Taylor visited us again in-studio, after having a rough night and rough morning.  He had been starving on the bus, his day had consisted of 3 radio shows, a sound check, concert, and no food.  One of the well-meaning road guys went out and returned with a huge bag of hamburgers from a well-known commercial chain. “I hadn’t had a hamburger like that in ten years,” he admits to us. It got the best of him and left him quite sick.  He asked what was up with a square hamburger and round bun,  anyway?!


 Ben Taylor’s newest cd is titled, “Listen.”About the songwriting process, he told us, “Sometimes songs change and expand after being recorded. The songs write themselves. I don’t hear a song until I get it on stage.” At times after a songs has been completed and recorded, it will take on a different form later. It may get more verses, or a whole new sound. Ben Taylor and David Saul gave us some very tasty music in-studio. Last time he was in, Ben called me and asked permission to include one of our remixes as a bonus track on a cd single he was releasing, I was so honored! He somehow sounds even smoother than ever, looking forward to healthier food, and selling strategically unmatched socks at his Egyptian Theater concert.


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