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Roxx's Session Chatter

Vicci Martinez

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Vicci Martinez drove here 8 hours from Sandpoint, we were so excited about her unplugged performance. She said, “This is awesome that you do this live!” She found it unusual. We did a quick sound check and everything was fine…until we went live. As Tim says, she is “as big as a minute.” However, her voice is incredibly strong! During this first song, her current hit and duet she did with Cee Lo, the walls shook, she threw her head back, and this vocal mic could take no more. I grabbed every button I could think of to get rid of distortion, nothing worked as the mic was on its way out. I grabbed Rocky and headed in to ask Tim to take a commercial break. There’s nothing I hate more than interrupting, or throwing a fellow coworker off-track in a live moment. I also couldn’t live with the less than stellar quality of this failing microphone, so we did a spot break. We switched equipment, and she sweetly accepted my request to repeat the above song after the live session. The second time was even more amazing than the first, she sings with so much passion. The amazing song above was written by "The Cardigans." Click HERE for photos from the Vicci Martinez Moxie Java Listener Lounge!


Many people recognize Vicci Martinez from last season’s “The Voice” program. She spoke of it in high regard. With a closed set and some interviews before making the cut, she said it didn’t really hit her until a couple of things happened. First, it happened at the rehearsal when the contestants stood backstage and watched all of the judges sing the opening number together for the first show. She thought, “Oh wow, this is REAL!” Then when Christina and Cee Lo turned their chairs around to vote for her, it was even more real. Leaving the closed set and soon being recognized on the street, things really started to happen for her.

Vicci spoke of her parents being supportive of music, they said, “You’re too small for basketball.” Vicci has shared the stage with many amazing performers, sang with Brandi Carlile, and has opened for B.B. King. She said B.B. stays long after the show is done to sign autographs and meet people. He gave her some advice to do the same, saying “Glad to meet you, but these are the people who make this possible. Always remember that.”

When opening for Sting and Annie Lennox, Vicci’s mom was present and really wanted her daughter to meet Sting. Before shows, Sting likes his alone-time and doesn’t speak much to save his voice. The determined mom kept shouting at sound check, “Sting! Sting! Sting! MR. STING!” Vicci said he finally turned around to see who would yell something like “Mr. Sting!” Her mom yelled, “This is my daughter and she’s opening for you tonight!” Vicci retold the embarrassing moment, but was also glad to meet Mr. Sting.

When asked about some great advice she could remember being given, she spoke of her coach and record label supporter, Cee Lo Green. They were focusing on cover songs. He told her not to just sing it, but to actually “pay homage” to them. She was rehearsing Pat Benetar’s “Love Is a Battlefield.” He reminded her, “This woman paved the path for you, pay homage!”

She was fiery, kind, and passionate. Hopefully her new releases will bring her back to us for a live show. We await her full CD release June 19th, but you can purchase her “Come Along” EP HERE. 


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