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Ed Sheeran at the Record Exchange

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He is a Brit Award winner, like Adele, but his name is new to many people in the U.S. Young girls lined up for a chance to see Ed Sheeran at the Record Exchange in-store performance. The store was buzzing with people from all walks of life a half hour before his set, and by the time he played we’d guess 2-300 people may have showed up! There is a mad brilliance about this artist, you can see it in his eyes. You thought Jason Mraz could remember a lightning round of words? Check THIS out! This is the seconds UK single from his debut release.

This 21 year old started playing guitar at a young age. He listened to Van Morrison, and his parents took him to a very intimate show from Damien Rice. He gained much support through YouTube videos, became a guitar tech, and is currently opening for some Snow Patrol dates. He mentioned we’d get more of his music at this in-store performance than he is able to perform on tour. Our friends saw him in SLC, and said after the show he was chatting and signing autographs for hours. His management had to ask him to quit, because he needed to get some sleep!

This track is his current US single, and was the biggest selling debut single of 2011.

Ed Sheeran told a great love story in his own life about his 2 Godparents having painful divorces, and then being engaged to each other. He will be playing this song at their wedding this summer.

Ed Sheeran said he was a young red-headed boy when the Harry Potter movies came out, and he was always being compared to actor Rupert Grint from the movies. He thought of hiring him to play himself in the video for this song, but he ended up playing a stalker.

This song is the third single from his debut release, it peaked at #5 on the UK singles chart.

Ed Sheeran has huge success in England, and is coming to America. You can tell he really wants this, and will work hard to make it happen. His debut release + (plus), is available as an import, but will be released in the US on June 4th.

This is the 4th single in the UK, but Ed Sheeran isn’t sure American radio will play it because of the subject matter. The Record Exchange crowd loved it, and the fact that he stayed another half hour for photos and free posters to autograph.


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