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Roxx's Session Chatter

Scars On 45, April 2012

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It was a wonderful surprise to stumble across a private Scars On 45 show listing in Nampa last week. I was actually searching shows on a concert site, learning about the awesome upcoming Olivia Newton John show. Got some comments from Facebook frenemies. Haters gonna hate, whatev...  I asked around, “What’s up with this Scars on 45 show in Nampa?!” Before I knew it, Tim had them scheduled to be in studio right away.

This band is dear to our hearts. Their full album was just released last week, but River listeners have been lucky to watch this band grow and refine into what they are now for the last couple of years. They have played large clubs, small clubs, our outdoor concert with Thunder Mountain Train Line, a free surprise performance at Boise Rock School, The Record Exchange, and many in-studios for us on The River.

The group seemed a bit tired, but soon warmed up with their usual joking. There was a constant razzing back and forth with Aimee. They used an exaggerated demon voice to describe her yelling “TURN THE LIGHT OUT!” the night before. She smirked and teasingly insisted she had actually said, “Pardon me, could you please turn off the light?” They kept saying, “It wasn’t in that TONE!”

When asked what they missed, Aimee said about England, “Fish and chips.” When asked about highlights of America, the first answer was Red Rocks. They also loved being on Leno, but also said it made them very nervous. They loved their first headlining tour, playing in San Francisco, and said their last Neurolux show here was one of their best. I would agree with that, there was some serious love and energy being shared with the band, and people actually listened.

Nova hams it up with his radio voice introduction to this next song.

We are excited to learn that Scars on 45 will return in June. At that time, Danny says he wants to take over Tim’s show as guest DJ. Tim seems open to it, suggests a day of fun with the band. Danny challenges Tim to jump out of an airplane next time, our friend Ryan is witness to this. Tim did say that if Danny would, he would. We will see!

This ended up being an amazing day, the songs were great. Moxie Java goodies were wonderful, and we were spoiled with yummy Guido’s Pizza. The band had brought some cd’s to sell, many people wanted them but did not have cash. River listener Scott had a huge heart and generously bought cd’s for everyone at the session, and had them signed! The band was having fun, and I pulled them into the mixing studio and had them record some station ID’s for us, including one for the holidays. They are cheesy, and wonderful.

Since the band had plenty of time for sound check, Tim had some fun challenging the group with doing a new cover song. He printed lyrics off for them, and they practiced on this literally ten minutes before going live. It was fun to watch their process, Danny structured how to play it, Aimee drew lines after the verses and gave copies to the band, Nova somehow of course just knew what to play on the glockenspiel. They are always fun and we will love chatting with them again in June. Here is the Coldplay tune they learned last minute for us.

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