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Roxx's Session Chatter

Donavon Frankenreiter

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Our day was filled with great music and surprises, when Donavon Frankenreiter showed up for our in-studio. They were very chill, the sound check went without a hitch, and it was just what everyone needed to make the rainy day a bit better. Friend of Jack Johnson for years, Donavon Frankenreiter grew up surfing with the Johnson family on the north shore of Oahu. “Jack and his brothers were all lifeguards,” he told us.

At 39 years old, Donavon still loves surfing, and music. He has a family now, 2 boys. Their names are “Hendrix,” and “Ozzy.” He says he’s glad his wife of 11 years let him get away with that name.

Matt Grundy had a Martin ukulele, and also plays guitar, banjo, and nearly anything else thrown in front of him. He adds great accompaniment and harmony on stage.

Donavon has some cool sandals, and you can get some for yourself through his site.

The new album “Start Livin,’” will be in stores May 29th. They did some experimenting in their recording studio and used guitar cases, pots and pans, and a Zippo lighter for percussion.

Donavon is a great guitarist, he and Matt rarely use guitar picks and were able to pull some sweet guitar leads off during the Knitting Factory show. They also did a great cover of Bruce Cockburn’s “Wondering Where the Lions Are,” and played some groovy disco beats.

Before the concert and after our in-studio, Donavon asked us to take him to “a cool rock crystal place.” This made for one amazing day at work for Tim and I, and it has its own blog and video below. It was amazing fun, and we are so thankful to Stewart’s Gem shop  for teaching us all about geodes, giving us all star garnets, and being so kind. This is a 4th generation rock shop, how had we never been here before? If you want to learn more about getting your own cool rocks, Brent Stewart can hook you up with your Idaho Gem Club membership.  Donavan had a blast there, and bought a huge 73 pound purple crystal, plus a box of uncracked geodes for his kids to open on Easter. They will love this!

With a little time before sound check, Donavon found the famous 36th street wave on the Boise river, and a surfboard. He loved this little treasure, just ½ mile from downtown. His goal is to “keep the oceans beautiful,” raising money for water-related nonprofits.

THIS tune below, was written by Matt Nathanson!

Other things to look forward to… Brit Award-winner Ed Sheeran, April 29th. Venue is not yet confirmed, we’re thinking of some new options. I told our engineer Rocky about it, so we can pool our equipment and make this happen in an awesome way. I said, “Ed Sheeran is a big deal in England,” and Rocky grinned and said, “Let’s make him a big deal HERE!”

Coldplay is a big deal everywhere,we had a California show giveaway with an incredible promotion from Jagermeister, YUM! This nectar has chased away 3 sore throats between friends and I this winter alone! We gave away a Jager tap machine, Peavey amp, and THIS rad guitar!

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