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Roxx's Session Chatter

Zach Heckendorf

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Again, we were lucky to have a live performance from an artist with no Boise shows scheduled. Zach Heckendorf is a new artist with a lot of buzz about him. SO much buzz, in fact, he arrived with his manager Gregg Latterman, of Aware Records and A-Squared Management. Gregg was all business, Zach watched him with respect and asked which songs to do and what kind of mic setup might be best. Gregg Latterman is manager for Brandi Carlile, Train, Mat Kearney, Five For Fighting, Guster, and John Mayer. See where we’re going with this?

Zach is all of 19 years old, and has already played Red Rocks, and had an album produced by Brett Dennen. He started playing guitar at the age of ten, and is still playing his dad’s guitar. Just like Brett Dennen, he likes running. He’s already opened for amazing groups like Mat Kearney, Big Head Todd and the John Butler Trio.

Before the interview, Zach was asked if there was anything he’d rather not be questioned about. He said not really, but one DJ had made a weird comment to him that he looked all “straight.” When inquired about that, he said the guy meant he was square, or a nerd. We assured him we would never say something rude and were grateful for his visit. Tim, exhausted from hosting the Iron Chef Competition until late last night, suddenly perked up and peered around the corner with a s**t eating grin to look at me through the production window.

Today was a crazy personal day, learning of a death in the family 20 minutes before coming in. I’m lucky that my work is surrounded with people with smiling faces, Ryan who always makes sure the filming gets done, and the amazing special cookie Moxie Java brings in for some of the staff. It was just what I needed. Thankfully is was Pi(e) day, and we feasted on yummy pizza’s from Guido’s. Zach is vegetarian, so he took a cheese slice after the session was done. Thanks to my friend Johnny for this cow “pi” photo.

Zach’s new album is called “The Cool Down.” He says his music has matured, that he “used to just copy Blink 182,” but now he has more of his own sound. Keep up with Zach on his Facebook page, people are already asking when he’ll return for a show!

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