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No snow here? There is on the Sleigh Ride!

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I'll admit for years, I had secretly wanted to take one of these sleigh rides. What scared me away I think, was the commercials? They used to have these over-the-top wild west accents. I pictured some fake shoot-outs, a night of twang country music, and no way to escape back down to the city. Thankfully, these were all misconceptions! is where you'll find all you need to know about Bogus Creek Outfitters. Stu and company have offered this great outdoor experience for years.

It was a beautiful night last weekend, when I experienced it for myself. Bogus had only been open a few days, and skiing had just ended. We were lucky to have the Nordic parking lot to ourselves as we waited for the sleighs to arrive. It was VERY windy that night, my best advice would be to dress warm, then wear twice as much as what you though you would need. Those hand warmer thingies came in real, well...handy!

2 sleighs arrived with beautiful ponies. One pulled by boys, one pulled by girls. I am not aware of the proper terminology for girl and boy ponies, so I will just call them that. A few other media people were on this ride, Big J from 100.3 the X has been a great pal and co-worker for years. He didn't recognize me under the layers of hats. Your precision weatherman Scott Dorval from Today's Channel 6 was there as well. He parked next to us, we watched a woman approach him and say, "hey, aren't you that weather guy?" He looked at us, rolled his eyes a bit, then left his car with a big smile on his face to greet them.

The ride takes about 20 minutes each way. Everyone cuddled up under blankets. I might suggest for the ride, a hot thermos of java or chocolate, or maybe a flask? :) Within minutes you are under a starry sky in the quiet mountains.

We all piled into the cozy lodge, where the crew has built up a toasty fire and prepared wonderful, hot food. Creamy broccoli soup in a fresh bread bowl helps everyone thaw out. The main course was tasty steak and unbreaded prawns. Dessert was a nice chocolate brownie. Coffee and hot chocolate were replenished, some chose to bring their favorite bottles of wine from home.

People of all ages and backgrounds sat together during the meal. One woman was celebrating her 79th birthday, and had also served our country. Several birthdays were honored with a ball of mashed potatoes (?) and candle.

Jokes and stories are shared, we tease Scott Dorval about his famous "3 Degree Guarantee," and his wife mentions how she hate's the Bobble Head he has of himself on the dashboard. Some internet digging finds this photo:

Scott Dorvall2

The cowboy poetry pleased a few, but I was most pleased by the live music. Douglas Cameron has performed in Boise for years, it was far from the country overload I had feared for myself! His voice is great, and he played a perfect mix of covers and originals. He knew how to sing in the background and let people chat, we hope he know how much he was appreciated. Years ago we did some work together on a Steve Fulton project, Douglas is such a nice person. He gave a handful of cd's to Scott Dorval, who was kind to share one with me and say, "Hey Rochelle, can you get Tim to play some of this stuff?" I said I'd do what I can. Meanwhile, please do hear him for yourself. Wait, what?! A little more research tells me Douglas Cameron is part of the opening music for our Scars on 45 show this Saturday night at the Neurolux. Anya Marina is performing too. This will be a stellar show!

Douglas Cameron

Rested up, photos taken, laughter shared, tummies content, we all boarded the sleighs for our return to the Nordic lodge. Not much wind at all on the return ride, just sounds of the creaking sleigh. We are amazed at how much of the skyline our beautiful city takes up now at night, twice of what I remember from my last night view from Bogus. It's a great reminder of why we live here. Someone behind me tells a friend from a large city what the stars look like where there are absolutely no clouds in the sky. They have never seen stars like this. The overall night? Pretty freaking cool.

They have some great specials lined up for Valentine's Day, which will be sold out soon. Make reservations while you can, this sleigh ride will check one thing off your bucket list!

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