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Roxx's Session Chatter

Amos Lee

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We had a small listener V.I.P. party before the Amos Lee show. We recorded the video, but his managment wanted final approval before we posted any Amos video online. We made this video instead, which includes a fun walk through the memorabilia of the Eagle River Paviiion guest house. This is where bands come in to shower, eat, play pool, and chill out.

Our friend Kristine said it was funny when the band came in and wanted breakfast, because catering was not set up and they had to make their own. They were burning and scraping toast, asked for help and Kristine showed them the magical knob on the toaster that turns the heat down. She made them new toast, and before long they had done well creating themselves a goat cheese and avacado omelet.

Creston Thornton was very hospitable in letting me run rampant around the house while we set up and waited for winners. He thankfully supported me filming memorabilia as backup, and encouraged me to wander all over the house and offices to find some of their treasures. It was really cool, like a Hard Rock Cafe. The Green Day drum might be my favorite.

We did our first on-site interview, Amos Lee was very generous in sharing a few unplugged songs. A listener was crying at one point, Amos seemed concerned but she said she was fine. At the end of the interview, we found out this woman had put her dog down earlier, and his songs were really touching her emotionally. Amos seemed really tuned into the vibe at the house, we were told to keep things very low key and quiet when he was around.

The show was great, people really enjoyed the opener Mutlu's very sweet voice.

Listen soon for audio from Tim's interview. Amos releases a "Live from Soho" EP August 16th, it will be featured Monday for Lunch in the Library! He is on a strong tour, We just learned today that Brett Dennen will be supporting his tour very soon.

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