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Roxx's Session Chatter

Michael Franti, Guest DJ

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Michael Franti took time from his very busy schedule to come in and guest DJ for an hour. He is very kind, and politically active. His managers are from Sun Valley, he loves to play music in Idaho!

On a side note, my friend and I went to the after-show in the VIP room where Michael and the band went to unwind and eat dinner. He gave me a big hug and smile, then said to my friend...

"What does your shirt say? Your boobs are waaaaay too big for me to read that!"

(Followed by Michael's Cheshire smile.) It made my friend's night, as she pretty much crawled into his lap for a very close photo. His band said, "don't go outside, the people out there have been drinking a lot." He then went outside to meet the patient people who remained for a possible glimpse of him. The band members rolled their eyes as they knew it would be a while before they could tear down the set and get on the road, but Michael made some people very happy! Michael Franti gets what it's all about, and his connection with people and music, goes way beyond CD and t-shirt sales.

Here is the interview, including some behind-the-scenes glimpses of Michael off-mic while commercials played! Hope you enjoy.

These are some of the songs he chose:

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