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The Civil Wars

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The members of The Civil Wars are Joy Williams, and her Alabaman partner, John Paul White, who my friend insists looks like Johnny Depp. There is a great magic between these two, which seeps into their music and live performance. John Paul describes their meeting as “kismet,” and these two were extremely humble and grateful. He says they “can not make music like this with anyone else.”

Adele recently proclaimed The Civil Wars as one of her favorite groups. Steven Tyler is also an admirer. They notice that the famous people who like their music are also humble. John Paul says about making music, “we decided only to please ourselves.” Sometimes they will do open mics and not tell anybody. They seem to believe they knew each other long ago. “Like in a past life or something…we did this,” says John Paul. “It’s that thing we can’t put a name on.” They believe strongly in “paying it forward.”

They feed off each other’s looks and energy when they sing, and Joy never stops smiling. This is an awesome cover tune. Joy says, “when you strip it down and really listen to it, it’s really well-written and tormented!”

Joy speaks of their writing combo being a great approach, and notices that the male and female aspect of seeing the world can be completely different. John Paul says, “we are married, but not to each other.” He also stated, “If you want to be happy in a relationship, you can’t always be totally honest.”

Tim pointed out that the interplay of their voices is pretty remarkable. Early in their career they made a free show available. Tim suggested they had “chutzpah,” they corrected him and called it “naiveté.”  Click on the “free” tab to download a live show!

One of our winners said to me after their haunting in-studio performance, “I think I may leave my husband.” I joked and said, “for which one?” She said, “doesn’t matter.”

Ken chatted The Civil Wars up about places they had lived in Tennessee. A place where apparently the KKK originated. John Paul said before the interview, “it’s funny, you don’t think of it as the place something as evil as the KKK is from, it’s just a place I grew up playing basketball when I was a kid.”

This song is about a place near Loretta, Tennessee. John Paul says, “people don’t go there to do anything legal.” It is also the title track to their CD.

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