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Iron and Wine

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The name Iron & Wine is taken from a dietary supplement named "Beef Iron & Wine" that Sam Beam found in a general store while shooting a film. He was raised in South Carolina, and lives in a cool Texas town now named “Dripping Springs.”

He has a bachelor’s degree in Art, an MFA from film school, and his brother is the lead singer for Band of Horses.

He has a home studio, which he recorded all of his last album at and ½ of his current release, “Kiss Each Other Clean.” He has a wife and 2 girls at home. He says a home studio is both a blessing, and a curse. He doesn’t record much at home anymore. “There are stories about why. My wife could tell you all of them.”

Sam Beam had a very talented band around him, and some new backup singer friends who held their notebooks closely until popping them open when it was time to sing. We were treated with guitar, clarinet, flute, banjo, mandolin, and a surprise instrument you’ll see at the end of this blog.

Iron and Wine’s singer likes listening to some Harry Nilsson these days, he says it’s fun to bring artists out later and listen to them again. Sam Beam was playful, when Tim asked him who he’d like to collaborate with, he said “how about you?” Tim was for a moment, without words!

Now the best for last…Finally, a harmonica that’s AWESOME to hear in your headphones! Check out this Double Bass harmonica, they have 2 layers and have about 39 holes to play through, some of them run about a thousand dollars! The live sound from these is an amazing, deep growl that’s creepy-cool. It was a real treat to see a new instrument today, and Iron and Wine's show sold out in Boise. Hopefully they will return to play for those who missed it, meanwhile...we have videos!

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