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Roxx's Session Chatter

Mat Kearney, April 2011

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The song above was written to the woman Mat was engaged to, and who is the woman he is married to now.

Mat Kearney last visited us from Oregon, the pickup he was traveling in broke down in Boise and he ended up sleeping in someone’s lawn overnight. Now he has moved to Nashville to write music, and has many new tales to tell. He stopped by our studios, not with any show in town, but just to catch up with us.

Before going on the air, a listener offered to take him skydiving. Mat says he has no desire to jump out of a plane, but did when he was younger. Funny, I’ve recently had this same conversation with a couple of friends. He heckles us a bit about our blue turf at BSU, saying “on tv, I always think I need to adjust my hue a little bit!” He then goes on to tell us our new microphones smell weird, kind of “effervescent.” (?) “It smells kind of like a brand new mattress with spray paint on it.” He keeps sniffing it, and playing with the windscreen.

Things are different now for Mat, very recently married. His new album is going to be called “Young Love.” He says this album is exciting, because he fell in love.

“Want to win out an insecure artist? Just IGNORE them. That’s what happened to me. Then I married her.”

Hmmmm. Why does it always have to work like that?

(He had kicked his pedal off to tune and didn’t realize it, until the middle of the song. We always hide an ambient mic in the room for emergencies like this, you can see and hear Mat realize in the middle of the song that it’s off, hit the pedal and look at me to see if it’s okay!)

He spoke with pride about his family history, coming over on the Oregon trail. Mat was especially proud of his grandfather from the east coast. He owned a fake cigar shop which covered for an illegal gambling ring. The Mob got involved, he was arrested, and then “followed Pink Floyd around the world for a while.” Eventually he met the woman he would marry, she was “a mermaid on a glass bottom boat.” He wrote the above song for his grandfather.

Mat remembered me when he came in, even that he had met me a couple of times. He told Tim later that he has a photographic memory, and that it drives people crazy. Wish I had that problem, it would save me the exasperated looks from people who tell me I have met them 3 times. Wish I knew how to fix it, and wish I knew why instead I will ALWAYS remember your dog’s name. Anyway…

(His voice cracked on a line about 3 minutes into the song above, I snuck in a magic edit just this once.)

One of Mat’s new songs is “Runaway,” it is featured on the movie “Soul Surfer.” He tried to play a sample, but hadn’t learned it on his acoustic yet. He is really excited about the movie, says he used to surf with the girl the movie is about. She had her arm bitten off by a shark and has an amazing story. Here is the trailer.

Soon Mat will be performing on the “Best Cruise Ever.” He joked about how he swore he’d never play another music cruise, after doing the Rock Boat. “It swayed 30 feet in every direction, there was like, throw-up everywhere. It was awesome!”

Here’s why we love Mat. He says he is done writing songs, and is ready to write more stories. “If I don’t bleed a song, I’m not gonna write it.” He is still genuine. He is still brilliant. We love his boots.


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