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Roxx's Session Chatter

Cary Brothers and Laura Jansen

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The first thing Laura Jansen did in our studio was approach a signed poster we have of Serena Ryder. She studied it, and said “I feel like I should take that picture of Serena Ryder to my hairdresser and say THAT’S what I want!”

Of Twitter, she said they have found there is a rule. “If we post less than once, or more than twice a day, we lose followers.”

Cary Brothers looked out the studio window to the dark clouds forming, and they both got excited about the possibility of seeing a storm. Carey said he remembered being a kid sitting on his grandpa’s porch while grandpa drank wine, and they’d watch the storms together. Laura said in her spare time, she would like to be a stormchaser.

We spoke of how hearing unplugged music gives a different dynamic to songs, as lyrics and meaning often get buried in a large band on stage in a concert environment. Laura’s cover of the above “Kings of Leon” song, is proof of that.

Her new album will be released April 22nd. She was very concerned about having the correct pronunciation of "Boise," and said she'd blame her Netherlands heritage if she messed it up.

These two joked with us off-mic about the worst radio question they had ever heard posed to anyone. This was asked of Greg Laswell:

“What IS music?”

They laughed recalling this story, and of Greg’s discomfort with such an ominous and ridiculous question. They took delight in asking him that question from time to time, just for fun and to see his eyes roll.

Laura says she had to go through a couple of breakups to come up with these sad songs.

Oh P.S., these guys are DOIN’ IT.


Don’t feel bad for Laura and her sad songs. They love being on tour together, however said they would drive each other crazy if they ever tried to write together, and are quite sure they would make each other mad. Things seem to still be going well for them as a couple. “If we can stay in a relationship with each other during a 30 hour drive together, we’re going to be just fine.”

They were delightful both in-studio, and on stage. This looks like a big year especially for Laura Jansen, it will be interesting to see where it takes them.

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