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Roxx's Session Chatter

Augustana, February 2011

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He wrote the song above when he was 17, and is 26 years old now.

It’s been 3 years since their last release, Augustana dropped in to visit us and had no other shows in town. They’ve seen us many times, this time Daniel seemed exhausted. He said it has been the most stress he’s felt in years. He said it’s really hard to survive between albums, saying, “This had better work out,I used to work at McDonald’s, and only lasted there 4 days.”

Tim told him to be more optimistic. Daniel was obviously a little torn between rockstar life, and family life. He has a 4 ½ year old girl, and a one year old boy.

Their new record is not out yet, but they spoiled us with a couple of live tracks to preview.


Daniel says about his writing process, “the more songs you write, the more you analyze them."

The band was great to work with. Before sound check, I grabbed a sandwich and went into the mixing booth. There’s always a chance of a gruff sound tech wanting to get involved in the mix, and we never really know until the session is happening if this will be the case. As the door closes, I turn around to see a man standing in my room with his arms folded. I tensed right up. Who is this guy?! He says, “oh cool, how did you know I wanted a sandwich?” I don’t think I even laughed, went out of the room to stop some recording I had going on in the River studio. When I came back in, prepared to protect our recording ground, engineer Rocky was grabbing some cords and I asked, “who was that?” He answers….”the printer guy.”

Ooops :)


April 26th is the release date of Augustana’s upcoming cd. Daniel feels good about it, as Tim reminds him to be hopeful, Daniel says, “It feels good to know you have a pair of aces, and nobody else knows.”

About this new song, Daniel says, “It’s a love song, one of those where you have your hands in the sky and you’re not gonna take no for an answer.” This song could sound cool as a mash-up with the Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” This will be a big year, and a big album for Augustana!



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