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Augustana/Scars on 45 Technical Riders

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Remember when bands would send out riders requesting things like "no green M&M's?" Although we are a radio station and not a club, we still get some interesting requests and I wondered if you might find them interesting.

The strangest requests I believe came from Scott Weiland's entourage, asking for several BLACK towels, and most of the ingredients that I believe make up the hot pepper/cleanse diet.

For this week, the focus is on p.a. equipment requested by our 2 bands. You will see how one varies from the other. We have some amazing equipment, but like to keep it simple. It always surprises me to see requests for tube amps, specific microphones, monitors, and headphones for our "unplugged" performances.

Augustana joins us Thursday, February 24th at noon for Lunch in the Library.


2011 AUGUSTANA PROMO Production Requirements
This is (the) Tour Manager for the band Augustana. The guys are really looking forward to this weeks appearance. 
I have attached for you both, the most recent tech rider for this show. We decided to bring a last minute pedal steel guitar player for this trip, so our needs have changed since the last rider you were given.
Please look over and let me know what concerns you might have?
For the Keyboard that wee need, Any 88 Weighted Keyboard will work. The Yamaha P250 is just our first choice.And For the Guitar amp, Any Small Low Watt Electric Tube Amp will work. This is For the Pedal Steel Guitar.
Let me know your thoughts,
Talk soon
Band Party:
Dan Layus – Vocals, Guitar
David Lamoureux – Piano, Back-up Vocals
Bret Hendry – Pedal Steel Electric Guitar
The Following should be provided for an Acoustic Performance:
AUGUSTANA will NOT be traveling with a FOH, or Monitor Engineers. Engineers
should be provided for.
The following is a workable input list for this type of show:
CH# INPUT Microphone Mic Stand
1 Vocal Lead SM 58 Tall Boom Stand
2 Vocal Piano SM 58 Tall Boom Stand
3 Acoustic Mic SM 58 Tall Boom Stand
4 Acoustic DI DI Box N/A
5 Keyboard DI DI Box N/A
6 Guitar Amp AT-4040 Short Boom Stand
We will need Two Separate Mixes. One mix for Stage Left Center, and the second mix
for Stage Right Center. Both wedges should be Bi-Amp Floor wedges.
AUGUSTANA will NOT be traveling with its own Microphones.
There will be three performers on stage. Two performers will be singing. The Lead
Vocalist with play Acoustic guitar (standing) positioned at Center Stage. The Keyboard
player will be positioned at Stage Right Center (sitting) with a vocal microphone. We
will also have a Pedal Steel Guitar Player positioned at Stage Left Center (sitting).
The following is a list of suggested Backline Gear for this Performance
Guitar Amp:
1 – Fender Twin Reverb (or a similar low watt guitar amp)
1 – Yamaha P250 Electric Piano (or similar 88 weighted keyboard)
*** Please provide Sustain Pedals, Keyboard Stand, Power Cables
*** Please provide TWO drum thrones
3 – SM58 Vocal Microphones
2 – DI Boxes
6 – ¼ inch instrument cables
2 – Guitar instrument stand
1 – Tall Bar Stool
Scars on 45 Acoustic Tech List
3x vocal mic (solo vocal, acoustic guitarist, keys)
Stereo DI  for piano
DI for acoustic guitar
Overhead mic to cover all percussion (snare, tambourine, tom) - could close mic if preferable.
Stereo DI by the drums

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