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Roxx's Session Chatter

Scars On 45, May 2012

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This song above made it as a demo on “CSI New York.” It was a great break for the UK band Scars on 45, who played in the River studio for us, with no other shows scheduled in town. The band jokes about being made up of failed bands and football stars, the lead singer is a former pro soccer player.

The band was friendly, had thick British accents, and I was taken aback to be greeted with a stubbly kiss on the cheek from the keyboard player. I’m wondering to myself, “how many years has it been since I’ve felt a stubbly kiss on my cheek?” I tried to act cool, like it’s a greeting I do all the time, but I blow it and let a nervous giggle escape as I return to the recording room. WHY can’t Americans greet this way? The world would be a better place. I’d take a kiss on the cheek over a wimpy 2-finger handshake any day!

Scars on 45 had no name for a while, Emmylou Harris helped them come up with a name. They fell in love with Tim during the interview. The singer said, “I love your radio voice, It’s so relaxing!” We loved their accents, hearing Amy talking about the “snah” (snow) falling on their drive over, was lovely.

If you’ve not heard of Scars on 45, you soon will. Their full album will be out the first part of May, but an EP is available for now.

The band credits Stevie Nicks as a great influence. As for songwriting, singer Danny Bemrose says he records ideas on a “dictaphone,” and works things out later.

“Give Me Something” is the single we’ve been playing from Scars on 45. Danny says it’s about the testing times of a relationship. He says if we let people know how important they are to us, things usually work out alright. He says the problems happen when we start bottling things up.

The band took photos, signed autographs, then took turns putting equipment in the van. The keyboardist, David “Nova” Nowakowski, likes to take his shoes off while he plays because the carpets have so much static electricity. He turns his back long enough for another band member to hide his shoes, which he thinks are packed away in his keyboard case. They have a good laugh, good time, and give great appreciation for playing for us. It was a pleasure to work with such cool people. As they leave, I ask if they have a Facebook page and they do. Drummer Chris Durling thanks me, and I’m met with my second scruffy kiss on the cheek of the day. I’m left smiling and thinking how normally we have a physical boundary for strangers… but sometimes it’s REALLY OKAY to do some things differently.

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