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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the Record Exchange

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My first time watching Grace Potter was MANY years ago, I think at a Rockrgrrl Magazine and music conference in Seattle, with greats like Heart, an upcoming Melissa Ferrick, and the main speaker, Courtney Love...who made everyone nervous by smoking in the hotel conference room, but who's gonna tell her "no?!" At the time, Grace Potter was so very young and I knew she would stay in my mind. She asked if we had met before, I can't believe she'd maybe remember me many years and thousands of people later! She couldn't wait to play for the crowd.

They had a great time playing a short set to almost 200 people standing around at the Record Exchange. In-stores are so fun, it's great to see so many parents taking their little ones to appreciate music in a place so cool, and not too loud or smoky.

At the end of the show where Grace signed autographs, a little girl in front of me had given her a hand-drawn color drawing of them (Grace, and this little girl), playing guitar together. It was the sweetest thing ever! The girl was nervous and cried. Grace said "that's okay, I got nervous too and cried when I met my first performer...Bonnie Raitt." We were next in line, Grace told my friend, "hey, I have a shirt JUST like that!" They continued to celebrate the greatness of...cotton.

Many people had not yet heard of Grace Potter, she has more music worth looking into. The band is awesome and tight, and she won her way into many hearts by ending her live show with the song "Idaho," from Josh Ritter.

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