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Roxx's Session Chatter

Shawn Mullins, December 15, 2010

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Shawn Mullins hadn't been in Boise for about 11 years, he said he recognized a few things. Tim said that a lot of things have changed in the last 11 years, good point! Shawn comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia. He looks a bit weathered over the years, but we are really amazed at his passion and performance. He loves songwriting, and says he loves the challenge of writing a song that people might like. As he closes his eyes to sing, I feel something through the floor and realizes it's him stomping his foot!

Now that he has a 16 month old son, Murphy, he says it's a lot harder to be out on the road and he'd like to try to do less of that. Having a family keeps him busy, but he says, "the time you have to write is less, so you have to make it count."

Shawn enjoys co-writing, and has done so in the past with The Thorns, artists like Matthew Sweet, Pete Droge, and Glen Phillips.

I had wondered about the capability of someone like Shawn Mullins to really have the vocal control you hear on his albums. I figured it was studio magic of some kind, and was skeptical that he would have the control in person, or so early in the day. He amazed us all. In fact, he spoke of his dislike for "auto-tune." In fact, they like to use as many analog recording methods and instruments as possible. His guitarist, Davis Causey, is 63 years old and favors a '59 Telecaster, or 61 Strat, and either an old Princeton amp, or Silvertone. He also gets very upset if anyone ever tries to change his strings. Listen to the cool vintage quality sound of his guitar on the studio version of "Light You Up." That's Davis playing lead. Shawn Chuckles about this guy, and says Davis is also in a band in Atlanta called "The Jesters," and this guy still plays weddings on his off time.

Shawn Mullins loves to paint pictures with words. He's not a fan of L.A., he says once he gets there he can't wait to leave. He seems to like Boise, we can't wait for his return!

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