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Roxx's Session Chatter

Tyrone Wells

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Tyrone has visited us several times in the past, this is the first time we've been able to capture him on video. Seeing them is like seeing family, he rushed over and threw both arms around me to give me a hug. Tyrone is still amazing. He becomes more famous, but he stays the same. He is very genuine. This time, he visits us with his wife, and his dog "Pono," a Hawaiian word for "goodness." They let Pono travel in a stylish bag, so they can sneak him into restaurants.

Last time here, Tyrone jumped out of an airplane through Skydive Idaho. "It was fuh-REEky!," he says. The person he jumped with has jumped over 13,000 times. The video of their jump is below.


 As a preacher's kid who loves to tell stories, Tyrone feels like a kid in a playground when he writes songs. He wants to be 60, and making tunes. He'll soon be joining the singer/songwriter boat tour. He, as many others, speak highly of Patty Griffin as an influence. He also admires Ray LaMontagne, and James Taylor.

Tyrone has been married to his wife for 5 years. They write songs together, traveled to Nashville, and did an album together in 2 weeks. Different As Can Be is the name of their album.

Mark Chipello is amazing. This percussionist has been really friendly and funny over the years. He does a great job on cajon, I was really excited a year ago when I bought one and found one of Mark's instructional videos online.


 I asked him how he liked to mic his cajon, he was really excited about the Shure P91. We shared some lively geek talk for a while. This guy would be SO fun to be on tour with, look at some of the goofy videos you can find with him!


 Tyrone has a secret special project writing some songs for a big Warner Brothers upcoming movie. He can't discuss details, but if they choose his songs, it will be a big deal for him. He and his wife are goind to India soon to see a child they are sponsoring through Compassion International, which he encourages people to help out with, and costs only $38 per month.

The bass player usually plays guitar, and had broken a string the night before. He plays with only 3 strings on this latest song below.

After the in-studio, we're tearing down equipment and I keep hearing, "who's grandma died?" Just as Tyrone had finished, his wife had gotten the call. It was interesting to see the reaction of the band members, Mark especially seemed concerned. Tyrone calmed everyone and reminded them how she'd lead a good life. Later, I grab my tripod and bag to leave, and walk past Tyrone and his wife in the stairwell. He waves to me, but they are huddled close together listening to a call on speakerphone, as someone describes the last day of her grandmother's life. Hearing the call fade as I walk down the stairs, the day, week, and my job, seem surreal. I take some comfort in knowing that Tyrone will be back. He will be more famous...and he will still be the same.

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