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Roxx's Session Chatter

Sarah Jaffe

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We had a behind-the-scenes surprise vist from wonderful singer/songwriter Sarah Jaffe. We recorded this off-air, as she was just stopping through town. This Texas artist was very calm and polite. Her record guy had brought along a very expensive German microphone, it was nice on vocals...but a little too sensitive for my taste. We appreciate the fancy mic, but I cringed when it was so sensitive it picked up a slamming office door during one of her songs. It also picked up every guitar, clothing, and mouth noise that would have otherwise been silent on the mics I prefer to use. He wanted to hook up a couple of phantom power instrument mics as well, don't get me started...(phantom power rant somewhere below). Plus, I wish you could see more of her face during these songs, but here is a fancy German microphone.

About "Clementine," she told us she actually hated this song. She needed some filler for an album, and wrote it on the spot at a concert. People went crazy over it and kept requesting it. "It was almost like a person," she said. "Like somebody you're sick of seeing for the longest time, then suddenly you're like, okay, I guess we can be friends." She says that strangely, she now has an intimacy with the song and it means something different for her. It has become now a favorite.

Sarah Jaffe has toured with bands like Crooked Fingers, and Midlake. She seemed annoyed that people always have to compare a new voice to someone else, so they'll feel comfortable. Sarah listens to a lot of techno right now. She mentioned liking Little Dragon, who performs with Gorrilaz.  I got the feeling she doesn't care about being hugely famous, but wants to do what she wants. I like her. To her label guy, she says about this next song, "I haven't done this one live before, but I feel like doing it. Is that okay?" He says she can do anything she wants.

Sarah Jaffe's new album is called " Suburban Nature." This is a debut release for her at the age of 24. She turned 24 in Paris, an amazing experience, she says-but strange to spend it with 13 boys she was touring with. She started playing music when she was 17. Her voice is lovely. We want her back soon for a real show, so we can share her with everyone. We know she loves pizza.

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