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Roxx's Session Chatter

Doobie Brothers

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The group was wonderful, stage manager guy...a little troublesome. He said they would NOT play if they had any less than 12 inputs, that they were used to working with over 58. Rolling eyes, we scrambled and shuffled, Rocky made it happen with my favorite thing ever, the "sub-mix."

Manager dude had decided for some reason, to name me "Elizabeth." He didn't bother to ask my name, just decided I was some chick in the booth who needed to be called Elizabeth. When he asked what Elizabeth was doing, the guys in the band reminded him I am Rochelle. He said, "I just decided to call her Elizabeth." Nice. It's sort of like being seen as a puppy or something you're not going to bond with for long, give them a random name and forget about this chick who you may never see again. Okay, manager dude, I shall name you...Dick?


The Doobie Brothers literally brought us all together at work. We have many stations, styles, and employees, but we all got warm and fuzzy when these guys showed up and started jamming.

"Long Train Runnin' (Without Love)"


We prepared hours for this in-studio, our first ever simulcast on our sister station, KHITS, down the hall. Rocky was scrambling to get cords ready, I even ran home to solder a custom cord he needed and brought some mic stands and extra mics.

Manager dude barged into my room (few escape alive when doing this), talked over Tim's interview, to ask me to "tweak the fidelity" of the guitars. Where is a tazer when you need one? I told him, "what you see is what you get," and he quieted down after the first leads came and went in the song.

 These guys are weathered, smooth, and polished. Pat has the sweetest smile lines next to his eyes! THIS song brings back memories for all my co-workers...

"Black Water"

Rock Band #3 has a Doobie Brothers game out, they have not played it yet and say that basically they are pathetic at any form of Rock Band.

John played dobro, guitar, violin, harmonica, and you have heard his guitar work on the intro of Elvis Costello's song, "Alison."


Tom says when he gets home after a tour, he just becomes reclusive. His daughter is a singer, and keeps him on top of new music.

We're so honored these guys made time to share such great music and harmonies with us today, and hope they return. Check out their new album, "World Gone Crazy!"

"Snake Man"

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