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Roxx's Session Chatter

Michael Franti, August 10, 2010

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Michael Franti and stopped in an hour early for their performance, an all-time first for our in-studios. It was a nice change, we all scrambled to set up the room while they settled in. Jolene was quiet, not sure that she was terribly excited to be there. She's pretty cool, listen to her solo music!  "Does she have a thing goin' on with THAT guy?" A co-worker from KHITS asks me. We're not sure, but all agree that it looks like it, see how she looks at him in these videos?

We were lucky they did not cancel, their record label had made them fly to L.A. at 4:30 a.m. that morning to do a THIRD video shoot for their latest single, which is doing incredibly well.

Staying fit is now an important approach as Michael gets older and has fought some health problems. He's always looking for the local yoga center in the cities he tours, and realizes how important sleep is to not burn out. The jam is very comfortable, guitarist never quits smiling. Michael says, "If you were at my house, it would look just like THIS. Plus, we have beans and rice every day!"

"Say Hey"

During the show at Eagle River Pavilion, Michael talks about love for his Grandmother, and how scary it was for him when she was in the hospital. He points out how humor can get us through anything in life. That, and a Butterfinger candy bar. He says how scared it was to see him Grandma, and asked why she was in the hospital. "I'm pregnant." He says, "Oh really, who was it?" She answers, "Reverend Mitchell!" She hated the hospital food and was craving a Butterfinger, so Michael went downstairs and found one to bring to her.

The opening band FLOBOTS were amazing, a perfect tour combination as they both remind people the power of their words and intentions.

Every year on 9/11, Michael plays a free concert in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, at the "Power to the People" concert.

"I'll be waiting"

At the after-show meet-and-greet, Michael was very kind and hugged or shook hands with each person in the room. He signed posters while winners enjoyed a cold bucket of free beers (see why you should sign up for the River NEWSLETTER?! You could win stuff like this!)

A friend asked me where Cherine Anderson had gone, I suggested it was the perfect question to approach Michael with, just a few feet away. He gave her some answer about her going on to do other projects and things, sounded like some creative differences, but not sure. Her podcast of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song," is posted under the earlier Michael Franti post from last year.

Michael has many political and social causes, his lates is called SOLES FOR SOULS. Althought Michael's chosen to be barefoot for ten years, he is touched by this cause that gives shoes to thousands of children who have NEVER owned a pair of shoes. During the tour, they are tryign to raise 100,000 pairs of shoes. People will be able to bring shoes to the concerts to donate, or just make a donation to the link above.

He loves children, has a couple of kids, and during the concert fills the stage with kids who help him sing. People are smiling and crying all around me, his energy is amazing. If only all people would do something this good with their power.

Not long ago, Michael suffered a ruptured appendix. It was a very scary time for him. "I thought I might check out," he said. Laying in his hospital bed, looking out the window, each day he "tried to find sunshine."

Sound of Sunshine

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