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Roxx's Session Chatter

Greg Laswell, August, 2010

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When the band Harper Blynn set up for Greg Laswell, I spoke with Pete Harper during soundcheck. He said our conference room reminded him of the cheesy record store showcases they do. "Showcase?" I thought. If this band is already signed, why are they still doing showcases for the guys in suits? I asked him what those are like. He said it's a conference room of about 20 people, they have to play 1-3 songs and just leave the room. Any interaction with the record label people is bizarre. They are label VIP's, A&R people, and they are NOT allowed to show emotion or interact with the band and tell them how they did in any way.

I found this fascinating, and asked what they were showcasing for. He said labels would listen to tracks and consider them for movie soundtrack placement or commercials sometimes. (I'd always wondered how that was decided.) A few weeks after the showcase, one of the labels may or may not contact them for placement.

Pete needed a guitar strap, so I was thrilled to point him in the direction of Rocky, one of our engineers. Rocky has fixed vehicles I've driven, taught me how to hack into various things, how to wire an extra phone in at home, and my favorite...showed me how powerful loose RF energy is in the engineering room, by holding a fluroescent bulb in his hand next to a rack of equipment until it lit up without any power source! I was thrilled by this knowledge. Also, when a band came into play and locked their equipment in their rental van, I used our secret weapon, Rockwell Smith. With just 5 minutes and a POCKET KNIFE, he had lifted the back window out of the van, gotten the equipment out, and replaced the window without any visible changes in the seal. We do not ask Rocky how he has this knowledge. We respect it, but may be a little afraid!

Rocky appeared within a few minutes with his camera strap and some speaker wire, Pete had a brand new guitar strap and was very impressed.



I follow Rocky around and learn things from him as often as possible. He has a long radio background, on-air and off. He has this AMAZING website, if you'd like to learn about the history of radio stations in Idaho. The site has actual vintage airchecks and wonderful photos. The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation is one of Rocky's sites. He is also listed on the Engineer Exchange.

Sometimes I put the above photo up to stare at a computer when they stop working. They tremble in fear of Rocky, and just start working again. No lie. It's kind of a Chuck Norris thing. He also makes one heck of a Santa.

 Here's a video for Harper Blynn. The singer is a cute 80's flashback, great boots! Can you belive he was a state champion baseball player from Chicago?!


Greg joined a high school choir as a joke, and ended up loving it. He moved on to Madrigal singing, and barely passed his college classes, because he was always writing songs.

Greg Laswell could only giggle, when asked about his fiancée Ingrid Michaelson. He seemed fairly shy. You can see in this song below, why Ingrid loves him.


About this song below, Greg said "It's about when you first find out someone's been lying to you, but it doesn't really hurt yet. You've been cut, but it hasn't yet gone to your brain. Everything shifts and you know it won't be the same."


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