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River Mornings with Ken Bass and Misty Taylor

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Each weekday Ken and Misty get you going with the best music first and a roster of regular guests who stop by to talk about what's happening in the Treasure Valley. It's about living... and loving, the life we enjoy so much in southwest Idaho - River Mornings on 94.9 the River.

Contact the Show

Want to get in touch with Ken and Misty? Call the show! The number is: (208) 287-2949.


Each weekday Ken and Misty play host to regular guests, and the occasional special guest or two, who stop by to talk about a range of topics.

  • Morning Show Features

    The Hive--Boise Musicians Resource

  • Morning Show Features

    Robert Franz, Boise Philharmonic - 11/06/2014

  • Morning Show Features

    Stacy Beeson - Halloween Treats

  • Morning Show Features

    Steve Stuebner - Safe Hiking During Hunting Season

  • Morning Show Features

    Stacy Beeson - Pumpkin

On The Show

Guests of River Mornings

Find out more about Ken and Misty's regular guests each weekday morning:

  • Michael Hoffman: "The Best of Me" Interview

    Boise native and world-renowned filmaker, Michael Hoffman returns to town with a new film to premiere Sunday, Oct. 12th. It's also a fundraiser for the Agency For New Americans and Boise ...

  • Mary Ann Newcomer

    Mary Ann Newcomer

    Mary Ann guides us through our gardens.

  • Stacy Beeson

    Stacy Beeson

    You are what you eat! Stacy is our official Dietician.

  • Steve Stuebner

    Steve Stuebner

    Our resident Outdoor Expert sharing his love and knowledge of all things outdoors.

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