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GreenPassPicWe could all do a little more to help clean up the planet.  And we could all use a way to save money on the things that will help us do just that.

Thankfully, and Green Works of Idaho have teamed up to give us a way to do both at the same time.

The Green Pass is a discount card offered for free to every GreenWorks Member! It is your passport to savings on green products and services offered by GreenWorks Business Members such as:

  • Solar Panels to help heat your home
  • Air Duct Cleaning to keep you breathing clear
  • And even 25% off your purchase of Locally Produced Beer and Wine

It can also provide you, from time to time, with free admission to concerts, first-in-line ticket discount opportunities and entries into other contests.  And again ,it's all for FREE! 

If you would like a free Green Pass discount card, (and really, who wouldn't)

Click Here to sign our pledge and become a GreenWorks Individual Member.

If you are a business and would like to join GreenWorks, and participate in the Green Pass program, and enjoy all the other benefits of being a GreenWorks Business Member, please click here.

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