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Ken Bass

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Ken Bass
Afternoon Show Host

Ken hosts the The River's afternoon show and has been in Boise since 1985. He also likes to read, watch new and classic films, listen to new and classic music, spend time in Idaho's great outdoors and just hang with his beautiful wife, Michelle and their gang of young'un's: Jaron, Marisa, Ethan, and Autumn.








Here's some photos of the "fam" from Rake Up Boise 2008:









(clockwise from top) Ken, Michelle, Marisa, Ethan, and baby Autumn(from 2008). Jaron, the oldest, is currently in Maryland, getting ready for grad school.)

Me and Ethan, cold, but happy to have pitched in with Neighborhood Housing Services.


Family Portrait. Jaron is the one with the colorful belt buckle!

Nampa, ID

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