Grand Prize

Now ‘til it’s over, 94.9 the River is playing twice-daily rounds of the game that’s overtaking the nation –


Yep, we’re indicting you, the River listener, and then instantly sentencing you to qualify for a fugitive flyaway for two; a weekend in Seattle complete with airfare, hotel, and tickets to enjoy the musical stylings of Phillip Phillips.  

Listen at 8:20 and 4:20 weekdays through the 17th when we recite a “some-THING” about a “some-ONE.”  Correctly claim guilt or innocence in two of three speedy trials, and you’re in the tank for our redundant Phillips flyaway.  Screw it up, and you’re under house arrest.  Just listen – for GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY!  Because nothing trumps an ankle bracelet.  On Idaho’s 94.9, the River.

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