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  1. 6:32 p.m.News: Closed for Thanksgiving
  2. 5:28 p.m.Crime: ISP arrest man accused of trafficking marijuana on I-86
  3. 5:25 p.m.Local: Filer resident to receive $35,000 after dog shot
  4. 1:08 p.m.Politics: N. Idaho Republican loses again in recount
  5. 1:07 p.m.Crime: Ada County detectives investigating political sign thefts
  6. 11:21 a.m.Consumer alert: Idaho Attorney General issues pyramid schemes and “gifting circles” warning
  7. 11:10 a.m.Traffic: 1 dead, 3 injured in northern Idaho rollover
  8. 11:03 a.m.Crime: Nampa man to serve five years after stalking ex-wife and family
  9. 8:52 a.m.Food: Turkey Frying 101
  10. Yesterday
  11. 10:20 p.m.Local: Seniors vs. Students
  12. 10:06 p.m.Local: Boise State defeats Idaho in hoops showdown
  13. 10:05 p.m.Local: Nobody injured after truck crashes through Boise drive-in
  14. 10:05 p.m.Local: Winter drink ideas with Justin Zora
  15. 9:40 p.m.Caldwell business robbery caught on video
  16. 7:00 p.m.Local: Lawyer: State of Idaho fails to keep private information secret for juveniles
  17. 5:49 p.m.Sports: Boise State moves to No. 23 in college football rankings
  18. 4:58 p.m.On Your Side: Pit bull attacked by off-leash labrador
  19. 4:44 p.m.Local: Idaho prison director announces resignation
  20. 4:33 p.m.Crime: Police searching for person of interest in car burglary
  21. 4:16 p.m.Crime: Nampa man accused of beating and raping young girl
  22. 3:58 p.m.Crime: Prosecutor: Double homicide a contract killing
  23. 2:29 p.m.Photo Gallery: Festival of Trees 2014
  24. 1:46 p.m.Crime: Sex offender pleads guilty to obscene images and text to children using popular messaging app
  25. 1:19 p.m.State: Idaho Falls boy on joyride crashes into church
  26. 1:10 p.m.Crime: Boise man pleads guilty after attempting to have MDMA shipped to his home from Canada
  1. Yesterday
  2. 5:49 p.m.Sports: Boise State moves to No. 23 in college football rankings

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