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  1. 10:57 a.m.Northwest: Crash near Craters of the Moon kills 21-year-old Idaho pilot
  2. 10:52 a.m.Regional: 2nd person dies in Auburn park shooting; 1 arrested
  3. 10:01 a.m.Regional: Bullfrog invasion threatens native species
  4. 9:51 a.m.Legal: Attorney General: Two Oregon magazine companies agree to stop doing business in Idaho
  5. 9:26 a.m.GMI: Brownie, along with 30 other animals, in shelter after 4th of July
  6. 8:39 a.m.Crime: Three arrested in alleged Caldwell robbery attempt
  7. 8:36 a.m.Regional: Prosthetic knee, vehicle of missing ND woman found in Idaho
  8. 8:18 a.m.State: Heat affects fish stocking thoughout region
  9. Yesterday
  10. 9:30 p.m.Teen killed in house fire
  11. 6:27 p.m.Local: Update: Crews find body of missing man in Snake River
  12. 6:13 p.m.Local: Millennials and retirees flock to Idaho
  13. 5:36 p.m.FOLLOW UP: Record heat results in hundreds of dead fish at local pond
  14. 5:32 p.m.On Your Side: Homes left by vacationing families can make easy targets for thieves
  15. 5:21 p.m.Wildfires: Bayview wildfire destroys structures, prompts evacuations
  16. 3:37 p.m.Crime: 20 people charged with DUI from July 2nd to July 7th
  17. 10:48 a.m.Health: More mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus found in western Idaho
  18. 10:41 a.m.Crime: Idaho woman found guilty in falcon's death
  19. 10:39 a.m.State:  Snake River hydroelectric project moves forward
  20. 10:35 a.m.State: State Parks draw crowds despite budget cuts
  21. 9:21 a.m.Sports: Boise fans cheer U.S. at World Cup party
  22. 9:04 a.m.Sports: Marks hopes to play with 76ers' summer team
  23. 9:00 a.m.GMI: BBB warns of "miracle" diabetes medication scam
  24. 8:55 a.m.State: Museum director finds stories in military artificats
  25. 8:21 a.m.Local: Fish dead, dying at Redwood Park
  26. 8:07 a.m.Local: Lost July 4th pets fill humane society kennels
  1. Yesterday
  2. 9:21 a.m.Sports: Boise fans cheer U.S. at World Cup party
  3. 9:04 a.m.Sports: Marks hopes to play with 76ers' summer team

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