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  1. 11:25 a.m.Idaho roads bills chip away at deficit in lieu of broad plan
  2. 11:22 a.m.State: Plan to hike Idaho's open meeting law penalties clears panel
  3. 11:02 a.m.Crime: Boise officers injured during burglary arrest
  4. 10:08 a.m.State: Idaho AG appeals ruling throwing out blood draw test
  5. 8:43 a.m.State: Committee OKs bill making gas production records public
  6. 8:17 a.m.Crime: Meridian man could spend 20 years in prison for knife attack
  7. 7:57 a.m.State: High School science teams compete for national trip
  8. 7:48 a.m.Bronco football: Tentative BSU football schedule released
  9. Yesterday
  10. 9:33 p.m.On Your Side: Protecting your privacy
  11. 9:32 p.m.News: Whooping cough outbreak in Canyon County
  12. 7:06 p.m.Inside the Statehouse: North Idaho senator opposes Hindu prayer before meeting
  13. 6:45 p.m.Education: State sends out first payments to schools for Internet service
  14. 5:16 p.m.Local: 99 year-old man finds joy in building models
  15. 3:57 p.m.Crime:  Prosecutor: “This is one of the worst child abuse cases I have ever seen.”
  16. 12:43 p.m.Local: ATF considers ban of "green tip" ammo
  17. 12:35 p.m.State: Idaho House approves new medical abortion regulations
  18. 12:08 p.m.State: Idaho panel revisits federal land takeover
  19. 11:53 a.m.Local: Coroner identifies man killed in Boise crash after attempted traffic stop
  20. 9:54 a.m.News: 23 gay rights activists arrested in Idaho House and Senate
  21. 9:49 a.m.Crime: Police: Man who shot girlfriend meant to threaten boy
  22. 9:37 a.m.BBB: BBB: How to recover from identity theft
  23. 9:26 a.m.GMI: Seussical the Musical takes NNU stage
  24. 9:08 a.m.State: N. Idaho sheriff backs "Constitutional Carry" weapon law
  25. 9:05 a.m.State: House explosion in eastern Idaho injures woman
  26. 8:40 a.m.Local: Boise plans to purchase 40 acres for foothills trailhead
  1. 7:48 a.m.Bronco football: Tentative BSU football schedule released

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